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First, ignore the silly show-ring clips. Poodles can be clipped to look like normal dogs. Look at the Miniature Poodle in the photo. That's my girl, Buffy. It takes me 30 minutes every six weeks to bathe her and run over her coat with a handheld clipper, turning her into a shorthaired, normal-looking dog.

Second, Miniature Poodles are miniature athletes. They excel in advanced obedience competition, where retrieving and jumping skills are required. They excel in agility (obstacle course) competition, where they dash over and under and through the obstacles with a strength and grace that is breathtaking to watch.

But....this breed does come in two different builds. The correct build is "square", which means their legs are long enough that their height is approximately equal to their length. Buffy has this build. These Miniature Poodles are both elegant and athletic, moving with a light, springy gait.

Other Miniature Poodles are built lower to the ground, with short legs and a long back. These dogs have inherited a physical deformity called chondrodysplasia. It means they don't have the same elegance or agility as a properly square Miniature Poodle. Worse still, it means they're more susceptible to disk disease (though square poodles can develop this disease, too).

But whatever the build, a good Miniature Poodle is one of the smartest and most trainable of all breeds. This is a "thinking" dog who pays rapt attention to you, learns quickly, and responds well to training.

Indeed, Miniature Poodles NEED some sort of mental stimulation in order to be happy, even if it's just challenging games such as hide 'n seek, or fetching a variety of named toys. This intelligent breed should never be relegated to the backyard and ignored.

Most Miniature Poodles make great watchdogs, which simply means they will bark when they hear someone at the door. Most individuals tend to be reserved (though polite and non-aggressive) with strangers. But there are also individuals – like my dog Buffy – "who never met a stranger." In other words, she considers everyone she meets to be her new best friend!

With other dogs and cats, Miniature Poodles are peaceful and accepting.

Poodles also have the advantage of being the lightest-shedding, most hypoallergenic of all coated breeds. (Hairless breeds have no hair at all to shed.)

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